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History of Saint Cyril

When famine hit the vicinity of Jerusalem, Cyril, the Bishop, promptly sold some of the Church's most prized possessions to relieve the poor and to obtain food for the starving. When the famine was over some angry Church members succeeded in having Cyril condemned at a public meeting as an irresponsible thief who had illegally disposed of Church property. This temporarily drove him ourt of the city. Although Cyril ws a gentle and conciliatory man, this event was typical of the bitter controversy, which racked his episcopate.

Scarcely had he regained his diocese before he was again expelled, this time, by Arian heretics who had gained great power in Jerusalem. He was restored to the Jersualem bishopric again by none other that the infamous Emperor Julian, the Apostate. Due to this rather coincidental fact, Cyril had difficulty regaining the conficence of the other Orthodox Bishops of the Church. Further-more, the Jerusalem Church had become norotious throughout the Christian world for its low moral standards. This situation Cyril attempted to correct, but his enemies blamed him for it.

Cyril's greatest talent seems to have been as a teacher and preacher. Very little of this thought was ever written down, but what we have is most impressive and timely even today.